Our Story

    2002 - 2014

    In 2002,in a small workshop in a seaside town on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand , the story of our company began.

    There, a range of jams was created and refined by a Frenchman with a passion for cooking.
    He carefully experimented with the many varieties of Thai fruit, and after some years he had perfected a range of truly unique and delicious tropical fruit jams.

    Hotels in Thailand began to buy his jams, which soon became popular with tourists and local jam lovers alike.


    With an increasing demand and lack of local capacity, he decided to sell the company and the production facility was moved to a new, bigger location in Bangkok, close to the largest fresh fruit market in Thailand.

    The jams are now made in our custom-build factory in Bangkok. All our products are manufacured to the highest quality and hygiene standards, and are HCCP, Codex GMP, Haalal and Thai FDA (OYO) certified.


    We still make our jams with the same loving care, using the traditional European farm-style of their creator. New products are in a development stage to extend our product gamma To cope with the the increasing demand and planned export business ,new automated machinery and equipment were installed.

    As we began to expand globally, we chose a new global brand name : Tropical Island Fresh.

    Our dedicated team is passionate about jam and dedicated to making every jar or bag at the highest possible quality standard in our produce-to-order facility.

    Each item is made and checked with great care to ensure you, our customer can experience the flavours of fresh tropical fruit, in every perfectly made jar of jam.

    “We use more fruit, and add less sugar”


    Source Trading Co. Ltd.
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